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HF Beacon monitoring station at PA5MW

Reception of the NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Project beacons.

Location: Boxtel, The Netherlands. JO21QO
Latitude: N 051 35', Longitude: E 005 21'.

Receiver: Elecraft K2, crystal filter set at 700Hz .

Antenna:  Home made omnidirectional vertical, mounted 2m above ground level; wire, 6m/0.3mm dia +2x2m horizontal radials. Connection 9:1 transformer (6T:2T on #73 binocular) +common mode choke on 18m RG58 into shack.

Other Beacon Monitoring web pages are linked from the International Beacon Project Monitors site.

This webpage refreshes every 15 minutes 

Source: IARU/NCDXF International Beacon Project  


 14-28MHz Multi-band Antenna (previous version)

 Quarter wave multi-wire vertical, used till Q1 2012. 

Mounted at 3m above ground level, using elevated resonant radials and a common mode choke (current balun).

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