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HF Beacon monitoring station at PA5MW

Reception of the NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Project beacons.

Location: Boxtel, The Netherlands. JO21QO
Latitude: N 051 35', Longitude: E 005 21'.

Receiver: Elecraft K2, crystal filter adjusted to BW=1300 Hz, Tone=750Hz, AGC Off .

Antenna:  Home made omnidirectional, wideband 14-29Mhz vertical. Elevated Groundplane + 3 short radials. Verticallength 3m50 / 1mm dia, radials 1m + 13m H155 coax into shack. Please find details below pictures.

PC: MAC Mini +SSD+Win XP, low energy consumption (13W).

Other Beacon Monitoring stations can be found at: International Beacon Project Monitors

***The shack is currently under construction*** 

Source: IARU/NCDXF International Beacon Project  

 14-29MHz Multi-band Antenna (Aug 2017)

  Elevated GP, length 3m50 + 3 radials 1m. Connection 5.4:1 transformer (7T:3T on stacked FT114-61 toroids) + 13m H155 into shack.